Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson is the co-author of the recent New York Times No. 1 nonfiction bestseller LONE SURVIVOR. He is also the author of seven international bestselling suspense thrillers, including INTERCEPT, DIAMONDHEAD, TO THE DEATH, NIMITZ CLASS and HUNTER KILLER, as well as several nonfiction bestsellers. He lives in Ireland and spends his summers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Patrick Robinson

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by Patrick Robinson - Biography, Nonfiction

With THE LION OF SABRAY, Robinson reveals the amazing backstory of Mohammed Gulab --- the brave man who forever changed the course of life for his Afghan family, his village, and himself when he discovered Luttrell badly injured and barely conscious on a mountainside in the Hindu Kush just hours after the firefight that killed the rest of Luttrell’s team. In addition to Gulab’s brave story, THE LION OF SABRAY cinematically reveals previously unknown details of Luttrell’s rescue by American forces --- which were only recently declassified --- and sheds light on the ramifications for Gulab, his family, and his community.

by Patrick Robinson - Fiction, Thriller

THE DELTA SOLUTION, the third thriller in Patrick Robinson’s Mack Bedford series, is an action-packed novel dealing with the Somali pirates operating off the southerly reaches of the lawless East African republic on the Indian Ocean.