Jim Crace

Jim Crace is the author of Continent (1986), The Gift of Stones (1988), Arcadia (1992), and Signals of Distress (1994). He has been the recipient of the Whitbread First Novel Prize, the E.M. Forster Award, and the GAP International Prize for Literature. Quarantine was short-listed for the Booker Prize and won the Whitbread Novel of the Year award. Crace’s novels have been translated into fourteen languages. He lives in Birmingham, England, with his wife and two children.

Jim Crace

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by Jim Crace - Fiction, Historical Fiction

A remote English village wakes on the morning after harvest, looking forward to enjoying a hard-earned day of rest and feasting. But two mysterious columns of smoke mar the sky, raising alarm and suspicion. One fire is a signal sent by newcomers; the other comes from a blaze set in Master Kent's stables. The newcomers are blamed for the stable fire and are punished for their crimes. Justice has been served. Or has it? Another newcomer appears and begins to take notes of the village's lands, and it is his presence more than any other that will threaten the village's entire way of life.