Matt Haig

Matt Haig is the bestselling author of several children’s books and novels, including THE LAST FAMILY IN ENGLAND a UK bestseller, and THE RADLEYS, winner of the ALA Alex Award. An alumnus of Hull University and Leeds, his work has been translated into 29 languages. He lives in New York with his wife, UK novelist Andrea Semple, and their two children.

Matt Haig

Books by Matt Haig

by Matt Haig - Humor

An extraterrestrial visitor arrives on Earth and does not have positive first impressions of the human species. The visitor, who takes the form of Cambridge University’s prominent mathematician Andrew Martin, is eager to complete his task and return home to his own utopian planet. While initially disgusted by the human way of life, he starts to realize that there may be more to this weird species. As he forges bonds with Martin’s family, he sees hope in human imperfection and begins to question his mission.

by Matt Haig - Fiction

The Radleys are a typical family. Except Peter and Helen are vampires, and they've abstained from blood-chasing so that their children could lead normal lives. But when their daughter commits a shocking act of violence, the police launch an investigation that uncovers an unknown history --- and leads to a visit from their malevolent Uncle Will.