Marie Bostwick

Marie Bostwick Skinner was born and raised in the Northwest. Since marrying the love of her life 24 years ago, she has never known a moment's boredom. Marie and her family have moved a score of times, living in eight U.S. states and two Mexican cities, and collecting a vast, cherished array of friends and experiences. Marie now lives with her husband and three handsome sons in Connecticut where she writes, reads, quilts, and is privileged to serve the women of her local church.

Marie Bostwick

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Books by Marie Bostwick

by Marie Bostwick - Fiction, Women's Fiction

New Bern, Connecticut is the ideal place to buy a second home and reignite the spark in Gayla and Brian's 26-year marriage. But when she finds a discarded memo in which Brian admits to a past affair and suggests an amicable divorce, a devastated Gayla flees to New Bern. This solo sabbatical is a chance to explore the creative impulses she sidelined long ago --- quilting, gardening, and striking up new friendships with the women of the Cobbled Court circle.

by Marie Bostwick - Contemporary Fiction, Women's Fiction

In this luminous prequel to her beloved Cobbled Court Quilts series, New York Times bestselling author Marie Bostwick takes readers into the heart of a small Texas town for one woman’s journey of piecing together a life like a colorful quilt.