Louise Doughty

Louise Doughty’s novel WHATEVER YOU LOVE was short-listed for the Costa Book Award and long-listed for the Orange Prize for Fiction. She is the author of several other novels and a book of nonfiction, A NOVEL IN A YEAR, based on her hugely popular newspaper column. She also writes plays and journalism and broadcasts regularly for BBC Radio 4. Doughty lives in London.

Louise Doughty

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Books by Louise Doughty

by Louise Doughty - Espionage, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

John Harper is in hiding in a remote hut on a tropical island. As he lies awake at night, he believes his life may be in danger. But he is less afraid of what is going to happen than of what he’s already done. In a nearby town, he meets Rita, a woman with her own tragic history. They begin an affair, but can they offer each other redemption? Or do the ghosts of the past always catch up with us in the end? Flashing back from late 1990s Indonesia to Cold War Europe, Harper’s childhood in civil rights-era California, and Indonesia during the massacres of 1965 and the subsequent military dictatorship, BLACK WATER explores some of the darkest events of recent history through the story of one troubled man.

by Louise Doughty - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Yvonne Carmichael, a renowned geneticist, public authority and mother of two, has become involved in an affair. So thrilled and absorbed is she in her newfound sexual power that she fails to notice the real danger about to blindside her from a seemingly innocuous angle. Then, reeling from an act of violence, Yvonne discovers that her desire for justice and revenge has already been compromised. Everything hinges on one night in a dark little alley called Apple Tree Yard.