David L. Robbins

David L. Robbins is the author of WAR OF THE RATS, THE END OF WAR, SCORCHED EARTH, LAST CITADEL, LIBERATION ROAD, and THE ASSASSINS GALLERY. A former attorney, he lives in Richmond, Virginia, where he is at work on his next historical thriller.

David L. Robbins

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by David L. Robbins - Fiction, Military, Suspense

On his first combat mission of the Vietnam War, US Air Force pilot Sol Rall is shot down over the jungles of Laos.Pararescueman Bo Bolick has been given just 24 hours to find Sol before a US carpet bombing destroys every living thing in the valley, friend or foe.As Bo’s search intensifies, Minh, a young Hanoi woman, becomes inextricably caught up in the raging battle. In the midst of heavy combat, Minh tries to find and understand love for the first time in her life.But the clock is ticking. A curtain of fire is going to descend. The desperate realities of jungle warfare are about to collide with a warrior’s code that says no man will be left behind.