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I hope you're enjoying your summer as much as I am. It's hard to believe that July 4th is already upon us! What happened to June? I hope you all will be able to share the holiday with family and friends, and celebrate all that makes our nation great. This is always a special time for reflection as well as honoring our servicemen and women at home and abroad who sacrifice every day for our country. I love fireworks and am hoping I can find a display of them somewhere near the house as I am not traveling this weekend. So many towns have slashed fireworks from their budgets with so many other things requiring their dollars.

After weeks and months of waiting, it feels like summer is here (even though the calendar says it's still spring). The weather in the New York area has been beautiful --- sunny and hot --- feeling more like August than June. My gardens are starting to take shape; even the seeds are sprouting, which always amuses me. I assume they will not grow. I put TWO packages of basil seeds in one pot, which still has my husband laughing. It looks like a lawn of basil plants. There are few better pleasures this time of year than relaxing outside with a good book, or a stack of them. Lemonade or iced tea always helps, too.