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I'm writing this opener from the Outer Banks in North Carolina after two jampacked weeks in the Pacific Northwest that were wonderfully bookish and enlightening. Our family retreats to the Outer Banks a couple times each year, and it has become a real reflex place for me. After a day of horrific rain, the skies are beautiful and I'm getting lots of reading and knitting done (I brought boxes of both with me!) --- and am enjoying the company of my family and our neighbors along the beach. We're looking forward to celebrating Easter together.

I am very much looking forward to the arrival of spring; it cannot come soon enough. These past few days in New York have been glorious! This winter has been rough, not only for those in the Northeast, but nationwide. I remember reading not too long ago that 49 states had snow on the ground at the same time just a week or two ago. Hawaii, obviously, was the exception, though I have been told since then that there ARE mountains in Hawaii that could see snow. Who knew?