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The end of August is always a time of transition. My older son Greg moved back to college earlier this week to assist the new students with orientation. It's hard to believe that this year HE is not the new student. Packing this year was much easier. He basically rounded up the boxes that were stored in the basement, plucked some clothes from his closet and was off. It was easier emotionally to say goodbye as well since he has proven he does not disappear! My younger son Cory will be starting his first year of high school. Although September is right around the corner, I still do not feel that summer should be coming to an end so soon. June in the Northeast was cooler and wetter than usual, and I was on the road for business travel for most of July, so perhaps that is why I am a bit thrown off. But for the record, the weather improved in August, and with no business travel, I finally was able to clock in some hammock and pool floating time!