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Man in the Blue Moon

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Man in the Blue Moon

While the world is embroiled in World War I, Ella Wallace fights her own personal battle to keep the mystical Florida land that has been in her family for generations from the hands of an unscrupulous banker. When a mysterious man arrives at Ella’s door, he convinces her he can help her avoid foreclosure, and a tenuous trust begins. But as the fight for Ella’s land intensifies, it becomes evident that things are not as they appear.

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Man in the Blue Moon
by Michael Morris


Barbara from Claremore, OK
Deirdre from Middletown, CT
Jill from Pennsville, NJ
Joann from Houma, LA
Les from Torrington, CT
Michael from Kalamazoo, MI
Raylene from Appleton, WI
Sally from Joshua, TX
Susan from Lexington, KY
Tammy from Burtchville, MI