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Tom Perrotta


Tom Perrotta

Tom Perrotta is the author of the recently released short story collection NINE INCHES, along with THE LEFTOVERS, THE ABSTINENCE TEACHER, LITTLE CHILDREN, JOE COLLEGE, ELECTION, THE WISHBONES and BAD HAIRCUT.

Books by Tom Perrotta

by Tom Perrotta - Fiction, Short Stories

NINE INCHES, Tom Perrotta’s first true collection, features 10 stories --- some sharp and funny, some mordant and surprising, and a few intense and disturbing. Whether he’s dropping into the lives of two teachers --- and their love lost and found --- in “Nine Inches,” or documenting the unraveling of a dad at a Little League game in “The Smile on Happy Chang’s Face,” Perrotta writes with a sure sense of his characters and their secret longings.

by Tom Perrotta - Fiction

Tom Perrotta returns to the familiar suburban territory he’s visited in novels like LITTLE CHILDREN with a thoughtful look at what the world might feel like to ordinary people left behind after a Rapture-like event.