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Todd Moss


Todd Moss

Todd Moss is Chief Operating Officer and Senior Fellow at the Washington think tank, the Center for Global Development, and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. From 2007 to 2008, he served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, where he was responsible for diplomatic relations with 16 West African countries.

Previously, Moss worked at the World Bank and the Economist Intelligence Unit, and taught at the London School of Economics. He is the author of four nonfiction books on international economics affairs, and the nationally bestselling first Judd Ryker novel THE GOLDEN HOUR. He lives in Maryland.

Todd Moss

Books by Todd Moss

by Todd Moss - Espionage, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Fresh off the harrowing events of THE GOLDEN HOUR, State Department crisis manager Judd Ryker is suddenly thrown into a quickly developing emergency in Zimbabwe, where a longtime strongman is being challenged for the presidency. Rumors are flying furiously: armed gangs, military crackdowns, shady outside money pouring in, and, most disturbing for the United States, reports of highly enriched uranium leaking into the market. And that’s all before Ryker even lands in the country. It gets much worse after that.

by Todd Moss - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

When Judd Ryker is appointed director of the new State Department Crisis Reaction Unit, he figures he has a mandate to help the United States respond more quickly to foreign crises, but he hasn’t reckoned with the intense State, Defense, Pentagon, White House and CIA infighting and turf battles he would face. Then comes the coup in Mali, which is his chance to prove that his theory of the Golden Hour actually works --- but in the real world, those hours move incredibly quickly, and include things he’d never even imagined.