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Susan Lewis


Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis is the internationally bestselling author of more than 30 novels, including NO CHILD OF MINE, DON'T LET ME GO and THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU. Having resided in France and the United States for many years, she now lives in the rural county of Gloucestershire, U.K.

Susan Lewis

Books by Susan Lewis

by Susan Lewis - Family Life, Fiction, Psychological Thriller

Jenna Moore finally feels that she and her family are exactly where they should be. Leaving busy London behind, they’ve moved to the beautiful, serene Welsh coast. But a fissure cracks open. The once open and honest Jack suddenly seems to be keeping secrets, spinning intricate lies. And fifteen-year-old Paige has become withdrawn, isolating herself from her family and her new friends. A cruel disturbance has insinuated itself into Jenna's home, threatening to take away everything she holds dear.

by Susan Lewis - Fiction, Suspense

Lainey Hollingsworth always had a volatile relationship with her mother, who never revealed the truth about Lainey’s biological father, or the reason she fled Italy for England when Lainey was an infant. As Lainey plans a trip to her mother’s homeland in search of answers, the familiar rhythm of life implodes when she receives a cryptic text message: Ask your husband about Julia.