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Author News & Interviews

Interview: John Jakes, author of Charleston

Aug 9, 2002

August 9, 2002

John Jakes has been a dominant force in historical fiction for decades, beginning with his highly successful eight volumes of THE KENT FAMILY CHRONICLES, followed by the NORTH AND SOUTH trilogy. His character-rich storylines take on epic proportions when set against the panoramic backdrop of our American heritage. In this interview with's Ann Bruns, Jakes shares his views on America's painful struggles for unity and his passion for recreating those stories.

Author Talk: Christopher Reich, author of The First Billion

Aug 1, 2002

August 2002

Q: You've written two thrillers that break open a fairly covert world—in NUMBERED ACCOUNT it is the world of private Swiss banking and in THE FIRST BILLION it is the high-stakes business of bringing a company public. How do you assess what information to present to the reading public in order to tease their interest, and what to "embellish" for the sake of page-turning plotting?

Interview: D. W. Buffa, author of The Legacy

Jul 26, 2002

July 26, 2002

D. W. Buffa, lawyer, teacher and author of THE LEGACY, has written three previous novels featuring defense attorney Joseph Antonelli: THE DEFENSE, THE PROSECUTION and THE JUDGMENT. In this interview with's Joe Hartlaub, Buffa shares his view on the essence of justice and what he feels are the basis of his characters.

Interview: Barbara Delinsky, author of An Accidental Woman

Jul 26, 2002

July 26, 2002

Barbara Delinsky, author of AN ACCIDENTAL WOMAN, has written and published sixty-five novels in a variety of genres. Delinsky reveals the meaning behind her title and the difficulty of resurrecting characters from a previous novel in this interview with's Roberta O'Hara .

Interview: Louisa Ermelino, author of The Sisters Mallone: Una Storia Di Famiglia

Jul 26, 2002

July 26, 2002

Louisa Ermelino's latest book THE SISTERS MALLONE takes place in Little Italy in New York, just like her previous work, THE BLACK MADONNA. In an interview with's Andrea Hoag, Ermelino talks about the solidarity of Italian women, the nuances of life in Little Italy, influences on her writing --- and her reading.