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Samantha Hayes


Samantha Hayes

Samantha Hayes grew up in the Midlands with her parents and younger brother. She always wanted to be a writer and pestered for her first typewriter when she was ten. It wasn’t a clear-cut path to her dream career and it took several decades longer to get there than she’d anticipated. But along the way she had many experiences, met a host of intriguing people, lived in several continents, met her husband and had her three beautiful children.

Over the years Hayes worked as a private investigator, bar maid, car cleaner, fruit picker, accounts clerk, nursery nurse, waitress…and she learnt to fly a plane before she could drive a car because for a while she wanted to be a pilot.

Hayes travelled the world and spent an eye-opening time living on a kibbutz, where, having always written as a child and teenager, she was inspired to write longer fiction. After some more backpacking and a stint living in London, Hayes moved to Australia for three years, got married and had a glorious time in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Between 1991 and 1998, Hayes had her children. They lived in the UK and the USA, where her youngest daughter was born. After Seattle, Hayes returned to England, finally settling back in her home county of Warwickshire, where she’d since renovated several old houses.

Throughout the years, Hayes always strived to improve her writing. In 2003, Hayes won a short story competition and subsequently had a novel published by a small independent press. It’s out of print now. Since 2007, she has had four novels published by Headline under the name Sam Hayes --- BLOOD TIES, UNSPOKEN, TELL TALE and SOMEONE ELSE’S SON.

Hayes is now represented by Oli Munson at A M Heath Ltd and her books are published by Century and Arrow, with her latest novel UNTIL YOU’RE MINE (the first in her new detective series based in Birmingham) and written as Samantha Hayes available on June 20th, 2013.

Samantha Hayes

Books by Samantha Hayes

by Samantha Hayes - Crime Fiction, Fiction, Suspense/Thriller, Thriller

Two years after a terrifying spate of teenage suicides, the remote village of Radcote has just begun to heal. Then a young man is killed in a freak motorcycle accident, and a suicide note is found among his belongings. When a second boy is found dead shortly thereafter, the nightmare of repeat suicides once again threatens the community. Detective Inspector Lorraine Fisher becomes determined to discover the truth behind these deaths. Are they suicides, or is there something more sinister at work?

by Samantha Hayes - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Claudia seems to have the perfect life. She has her beautiful home and family, but she is also committed to her full-time job as a social worker. She hires Zoe as a nanny. She finds Zoe in her bedroom, going through her clothes and reading her papers, Claudia's initial anxiety turns into fear. Meanwhile, vicious attacks on pregnant women are taking place and Claudia becomes acutely aware of how vulnerable she is. With her husband away, who will protect her? And just what does Zoe want from her?