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Robert Masello


Robert Masello

Robert Masello is an award-winning journalist, a television writer, and the author of many books, including the supernatural thrillers THE MEDUSA AMULET, BLOOD AND ICE, VIGIL (a USA Today bestseller) and BESTIARY. His articles and essays have appeared in such publications as the Los Angeles Times, New York magazine, People, and Parade, and his nonfiction book ROBERT’S RULES OF WRITING has become a staple in many college classrooms. His television credits include such popular shows as "Charmed," "Sliders" and "Early Edition." A long-standing member of the Writers Guild of America, Masello lives in Santa Monica, California.

Robert Masello

Books by Robert Masello

by Robert Masello - Fiction, Historical Thriller, Supernatural Thriller

As war rages in 1944, lieutenant Lucas Athan recovers a sarcophagus excavated from an Egyptian tomb. Shipped to Princeton University for study, the box contains mysteries that only Lucas, aided by brilliant archaeologist Simone Rashid, can unlock. These mysteries may, in fact, defy --- or fulfill --- the dire prophecies of Albert Einstein himself. Struggling to decipher the sarcophagus’s strange contents, Lucas and Simone unwittingly release forces for both good and unmitigated evil. The fate of the world hangs not only on Professor Einstein’s secret research but also on Lucas’s ability to defeat an unholy adversary more powerful than anything he ever imagined.

by Robert Masello - Fiction, Supernatural Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Nearly 100 years ago, a desperate young woman crawled ashore on a desolate arctic island, carrying a terrible secret and a mysterious, emerald-encrusted cross. A century later, acts of man, nature and history converge on that same forbidding shore with a power sufficient to shatter civilization as we know it.