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Philip Norman


Philip Norman

Philip Norman is an award-winning novelist and biographer who, in 1969–70, was assigned to cover the breakup of Beatles’ own business utopia, Apple Corps. He is the author of SHOUT!: THE BEATLES IN THEIR GENERATION, RAVE ON: THE BIOGRAPHY OF BUDDY HOLLY, and many other books. He lives in London.

Philip Norman

Books by Philip Norman

by Philip Norman - Biography, Music, Nonfiction, Popular Culture

From exclusive interviews with those closest to Mick Jagger, such as ex-girlfriends Chrissie Shrimpton and Cleo Sylvestre, which shed light on little seen aspects of Jagger's personality, to record-straightening revelations about Jagger's infamous 1967 drugs bust and the notorious Altamont concert, Philip Norman's groundbreaking biography crafts a vivid portrait of the real man behind the swagger, little glimpsed and much misunderstood.

by Philip Norman - Biography, Music, Nonfiction

JOHN LENNON: THE LIFE is an intimate look at the troubled genius who --- along with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr --- changed the shape and sound of popular music forever. From his early Liverpool days and heartbreaking childhood tragedies through the heady roller-coaster ride that was The Beatles and far beyond --- his prolific post-“Fab Four” career, his turbulent marriage to Yoko Ono, his peace crusade, and his shocking death on the New York City streets --- JOHN LENNON: THE LIFE is a remarkably fair and honest, utterly enthralling study of an achingly human rock legend.