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Paolo Giordano


Paolo Giordano

Paolo Giordano is the author of the critically acclaimed international bestseller THE SOLITUDE OF PRIME NUMBERS, which has been translated into more than 40 languages. He is the youngest person ever to win Italy’s prestigious literary award, the Premio Strega. Giordano has a PhD in particle physics and is now a full time writer. He lives in Italy.

Paolo Giordano

Books by Paolo Giordano

Written by Paolo Giordano, translated by Anne Milano Appel - Family Life, Fiction, Literary, Literary Fiction

First as their maid and nanny, then their confidante, Signora A begins to help her employers negotiate married life, quickly becoming the glue in their small household. She is the steady, maternal influence for both husband and wife, and their son, Emanuele, whom she protects from his parents’ expectations and disappointments. But the family’s delicate fabric comes undone when Signora A is diagnosed with cancer.

written by Paolo Giordano, translated by Anne Milano Appel - Fiction

A platoon of young men and one female soldier leaves Italy for one of the most dangerous places on earth: Forward Operating Base (FOB) in the Gulistan district of Afghanistan. Each member in the platoon manages the toxic mix of boredom and fear that is life at the FOB in his own way. But when a much-debated mission goes devastatingly awry, the soldiers find their lives changed in an instant.