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Oscar Hijuelos


Oscar Hijuelos

Oscar Hijuelos is the internationally bestselling author of eight novels, including THE MAMBO KINGS PLAY SONGS OF LOVE, for which he became the first Latino to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. He has also received the Rome Prize and prestigious grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Guggenheim Foundation. Born in Manhattan in 1951, he lives in New York City.

Oscar Hijuelos

Books by Oscar Hijuelos

by Oscar Hijuelos - Adventure, Fiction

TWAIN AND STANLEY ENTER PARADISE follows famed 19th century journalist-explorer Henry Stanley, his wife, the painter Dorothy Tennant, and Stanley's long friendship with Mark Twain, as they venture to Cuba in search of Stanley's father. Told through a fictitious manuscript and imagined correspondence between Stanley, Tennant, and Twain, Hijuelos captures not only the general style of educated 19th century, but manages to pull off the seemingly impossible task of channeling Mark Twain himself. The manuscript---in the works for decades---was found by Hijuelos's widow after his death.

by Oscar Hijuelos - Memoir, Nonfiction

Born to Cuban immigrants in 1951, Oscar Hijuelos introduces readers to the colorful circumstances of his upbringing. The son of a Cuban hotel worker and exuberant poetry-writing mother, his story, played out against the backdrop of a working-class neighborhood, takes on an even richer dimension when his relationship with his family and culture changes forever.