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Michael Korda


Michael Korda

Michael Korda was the editor in chief of Simon & Schuster and is the New York Times bestselling author of numerous books, including HERO, IKE, and WITH WINGS LIKE EAGLES. He lives in Pleasant Valley, New York.

Michael Korda

Books by Michael Korda

by Michael Korda - American, History, Nonfiction

Well-rounded and realistic, CLOUDS OF GLORY analyzes Lee's command during the Civil War and explores his responsibility for the fatal stalemate at Antietam, his defeat at Gettysburg (as well the many troubling controversies still surrounding it) and ultimately, his failed strategy for winning the war.

by Michael Korda - Biography, History

In ULYSSES S. GRANT we see a life that unfolds like a true Horatio Alger story. Korda reveals how Grant's unwavering determination helped him overcome numerous obstacles and setbacks-from humble beginnings as the son of a tanner in Ohio, a lack of early success in the army, and assorted failed business ventures-to rise through the ranks of military leadership and into the presidency. But while the general's tenacity and steadfastness contributed to his success on the battlefield, Korda argues that those characteristics both aided and crippled Grant's effectiveness in the White House.