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Mary Alice Monroe


Mary Alice Monroe

Mary Alice Monroe is the New York Times bestselling author of thirteen novels, including THE BUTTERFLY'S DAUGHTER, THE BEACH HOUSE, TIME IS A RIVER, AND LAST LIGHT OVER CAROLINA.

She found her true calling in environmental fiction when she moved to coastal South Carolina. Already a successful author, she was captivated by the beauty and fragility of her new home. Her experiences living in the midst of a habitat that was quickly changing gave her a strong and important focus for her books. Her latest novel, THE BUTTERFLY'S DAUGHTER (May 2011), is set against the phenomenal migration of the endangered monarch butterfly. She has also explored the problems of endangered sea turtles (THE BEACH HOUSE, SWIMMING LESSONS, and her first children's book, TURTLE SUMMER), raptors (SKYWARD), the indigenous grass and endangered coastal ecosystem of South Carolina (SWEETGRASS), the rivers and mountains of North Carolina (TIME IS A RIVER), and the disappearing world of the coastal shrimping industry (LAST LIGHT OVER CAROLINA).

Mary Alice is an active conservationist who is a board member of the South Carolina Aquarium and is a member of the Isle of Palms/Sullivan’s Island Turtle Team.

Mary Alice Monroe

Books by Mary Alice Monroe

by Mary Alice Monroe - Fiction

In this enchanting trilogy set on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe captures the complex relationships between three half sisters scattered across the country --- and a grandmother determined to help them rediscover their family bonds.

by Mary Alice Monroe - Chick Lit, Fiction, Historical Romance

Behind closed doors, and exhausted from keeping up appearances—Lovie's husband’s infidelity and his withering, disdainful looks—Lovie can only  find solace and happiness at the beach. But when a handsome biologist arrives to research the status of nesting turtles—a project that is Lovie’s passion—she finds herself falling in love over the course of the summer, with devastating consequences.