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Mark Salter


Mark Salter

Mark Salter

Books by Mark Salter

by John McCain and Mark Salter - History, Military, Nonfiction

As a veteran himself, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and a long-time student of history, John McCain brings a distinctive perspective to THIRTEEN SOLDIERS, a collection of real soldiers' stories of valor, obedience, enterprise and love. These men and women, fighting in military conflicts from the Revolutionary War to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, truly embody an American spirit of sacrifice, bravery and honor.

John McCain with Mark Salter - History, Nonfiction

In Hard Call, acclaimed authors John McCain and Mark Salter describe the anatomy of great decisions in history by telling the remarkable stories of men and women who have exemplified composure, wisdom, and intellect in the face of life's toughest decisions. The authors identify six qualities typically represented in the best decisions: Awareness. Timing. Foresight. Confidence. Humility. Inspiration. These qualities are personified by the exceptional individuals in this book, each of whom made a hard call.