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Mark Kurlansky


Mark Kurlansky

Mark Kurlansky is the bestselling author of SALT: A World History and COD: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World for adult readers, as well as their adaptations for children, THE STORY OF SALT and A COD'S TALE.

Mark Kurlansky

Books by Mark Kurlansky

by Mark Kurlansky and Talia Kurlanksy - Cooking, Memoir, Nonfiction

Once a week in the Kurlansky home, Mark spins a globe and wherever his daughter's finger lands becomes the theme of that Friday night's dinner. Their tradition of International Night has afforded Mark an opportunity to share with Talia the recipes, stories and insights he has collected over more than 30 years of traveling the world writing about food, culture and history, and his charming pen-and-ink drawings, which appear throughout the book.

by Mark Kurlansky - History, Music, Nonfiction

In 1964, Marvin Gaye, record producer William “Mickey” Stevenson, and Motown songwriter Ivy Jo Hunter wrote “Dancing in the Street.” The song was supposed to be an upbeat dance recording, but it became one of the icons of American pop culture. As the country grew more radicalized in the summer of 1964, “Dancing in the Street” gained currency as an activist anthem and took on new meanings for the many different groups that were all changing as the country changed.

by Mark Kurlansky - Biography, Nonfiction

From the author of COD, SALT, and other informative bestsellers, comes the first biography of Clarence Birdseye, the eccentric genius inventor whose fast-freezing process revolutionized the food industry and American agriculture.