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Lyndsay Faye


Lyndsay Faye

Lyndsay Faye is the author of four critically acclaimed books: DUST AND SHADOW; THE GODS OF GOTHAM, which was nominated for an Edgar Award for Best Novel; SEVEN FOR A SECRET; and THE FATAL FLAME. Faye, a true New Yorker in the sense she was born elsewhere, lives in New York City with her husband, Gabriel.

Lyndsay Faye

Books by Lyndsay Faye

by Lyndsay Faye - Crime, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

A reimagining of Jane Eyre as a gutsy, heroic serial killer, JANE STEELE is a satirical romance about identity, guilt, goodness and the nature of lies, by a writer who Matthew Pearl calls “superstar-caliber” and whose previous works Gillian Flynn declared “spectacular.” The novel is a brilliant and deeply absorbing book inspired by Charlotte Brontë’s classic.

by Lyndsay Faye - Anthology, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery, Short Stories

Faye’s best Holmes tales, including two new works, are brought together in THE WHOLE ART OF DETECTION, a stunning collection that spans Holmes’s career, from self-taught young upstart to publicly lauded detective. In “The Lowther Park Mystery,” the unsociable Holmes is forced to attend a garden party at the request of his politician brother and improvises a bit of theater to foil a conspiracy against the government. “The Adventure of the Thames Tunnel” brings Holmes’s attention to the baffling murder of a jewel thief in the middle of an underground railway passage. With Holmes and Watson encountering all manner of ungrateful relatives, phony psychologists, wronged wives, plaid-garbed villains and even a peculiar species of deadly red leech.

by Lyndsay Faye - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

No one in 1840s New York likes fires, but Copper Star Timothy Wilde least of all. So when an arsonist with an agenda begins threatening Alderman Robert Symmes, a corrupt and powerful leader high in the Tammany Hall ranks, Wilde isn’t thrilled to be involved. His reservations escalate further when his brother Valentine announces that he’ll be running against Symmes in the upcoming election, making both himself and Timothy a host of powerful enemies.

by Lyndsay Faye - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

Officer Timothy Wilde is horrified when he learns of the gruesome underworld of lies and corruption ruled by the “blackbirders,” who snatch free Northerners of color from their homes, masquerade them as slaves, and sell them South to toil as plantation property. When the beautiful and terrified Lucy Adams staggers into Timothy’s office to report a robbery and is asked what was stolen, her reply is “My family.”

by Lyndsay Faye - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Historical Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

One night, while making his rounds as a reluctant NYPD officer, Timothy Wilde runs into a girl not more than 10 years old dashing through the dark covered head to toe in blood. He takes her home, where she spins wild stories, claiming that dozens of bodies are buried in the forest north of 23rd Street.