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Laurie Notaro


Laurie Notaro

Laurie Notaro has been fired from seven jobs, laid off from three, and voluntarily liberated from one. Despite all that, she has managed to write a number of New York Times bestselling essay collections. She lives with her husband in Oregon, where --- according to her mother, who refuses to visit --- she sleeps in a trailer in the woods.

Laurie Notaro

Books by Laurie Notaro

by Laurie Notaro - Fiction, Historical Fiction

The year is 1927, and Amelia Earhart has not yet made her record-breaking cross-Atlantic flight. Three women’s names are splashed daily across the front page: Elsie Mackay, Mabel Boll and Ruth Edler, all vying for the title of the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. Inspired by true events and real people, Notaro vividly evokes this exciting time and brings Elsie, Mabel, and Ruth to life, pulling us back in time to the little-known story of three aviatrixes.

by Laurie Notaro - Essays, Humor, Nonfiction

Laurie Notaro isn’t exactly a domestic goddess --- unless that means she fully embraces her genetic hoarding predisposition, sneaks peeks at her husband’s daily journal, or has made a list of the people she wants on her Apocalypse Survival team (her husband is not on it). She chronicles her chronic misfortune in the domestic arts, including cooking, cleaning, and putting on Spanx while sweaty (which should technically qualify as an Olympic sport). HOUSEBROKEN is a rollicking new collection of essays showcasing Notaro’s irreverent wit and inability to feel shame.

by Laurie Notaro - Memoir, Nonfiction

Laurie Notaro is just trying to find the right fit --- whether it's in the blouse that looks charming on the mannequin but leaves her in a literal bind, or in her neighborhood after she's shamefully exposed at a holiday party. Notaro makes misstep after riotous misstep as she shares tales of marriage and family.

written by Laurie Notaro, read by Hillary Huber - Essays, Humor, Nonfiction

She thought she'd have more time. Laurie Notaro figured she had at least a few good years yet. But no --- it's happened. She has officially lost her marbles. From the kid at the pet-food store checkout line whose coif is so bizarre it makes her seethe ("I'm going to kick his hair's ass") to the hapless Sears customer service rep on the receiving end of her Campaign of Terror, no one is safe from Laurie's wrath. Her cranky side seems to have eaten the rest of her --- inner-thigh Chub Rub and all.