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Julia Navarro


Julia Navarro

Julia Navarro is a
well known Madrid-based journalist who is currently a political
analyst for Agencia OTR/Europa Press and a correspondent for other
prominent Spanish radio and television networks and print media,
including a weekly column for Tiempo magazine. Bantam Dell
will publish the English translation of her second novel, THE BIBLE
OF CLAY in Spring 2008.

Andrew Hurley is best known for his translations of Jorge
Luis Borges's Collected Fictions (1998), as well as Reinaldo
Arenas's "Pentagony" novels (1986-2000). He lives and works in San
Juan, Puerto Rico.

Julia Navarro

Books by Julia Navarro

by Julia Navarro - Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Thriller

Thomas Spencer is a man who knows how to get what he wants. But lately, after several cardiac episodes, he senses that his time in the sun is dwindling. In the solitude of his luxurious Brooklyn apartment, he begins to look back on the convoluted trajectory his life has taken. What follows is a spellbinding psychological narrative that takes us through the world of international media and politics from the 1990s to the present, brilliantly probing the workings of a complex, destructive personality whose greatest satisfaction is to shatter the happiness of others.