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Judith Flanders


Judith Flanders

Judith Flanders is an international bestselling author and one of the foremost social historians of the Victorian era. Her book INSIDE THE VICTORIAN HOME was shortlisted for the British Book Awards History Book of the Year. Judith is a frequent contributor to the Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Spectator and the Times Literary Supplement. She lives in London.

Judith Flanders

Books by Judith Flanders

by Judith Flanders - Crime, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Set in London in the summer, book editor Samantha Clair goes to lunch with an old friend, art-dealer Aidan Merriam. When Sam learns that her partner has been found dead in their gallery, with a gun in his hand, she’s reunited with Inspector Jake Field, who is leading the police investigation and just so happens to be Sam’s ex-boyfriend. Sam and Jake face to find a killer who is determined to find her first.

by Judith Flanders - Fiction, Mystery

It’s just another day at the office for London book editor Samantha “Sam” Clair. Checking jacket copy for howlers, wondering how to break it to her star novelist that her latest effort is utterly unpublishable, lunch scheduled with gossipy author Kit Lowell, whose new book will dish the juicy dirt on a recent fashion industry scandal. Little does she know the trouble Kit’s book will cause before it even goes to print. Someone doesn't want Kit's manuscript published, and unless Sam can put the pieces together in time, they'll do anything to stop it.

by Judith Flanders - History, Nonfiction

From the moment Charles Dickens, the century's best-loved novelist and London's greatest observer, arrived in the city in 1822, he obsessively walked its streets, recording its pleasures, curiosities and cruelties. Now, with him, Judith Flanders leads us through the markets, transport systems, rivers, slums, alleys, cemeteries, gin palaces, chop-houses and entertainment emporia of Dickens' London, to reveal the Victorian capital in all its variety, vibrancy and squalor.