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Joseph J. Ellis


Joseph J. Ellis

Joseph J. Ellis won the Pulitzer Prize for FOUNDING BROTHERS. His portrait of Thomas Jefferson, American Sphinx, won the National Book Award. He is the Ford Foundation Professor of History at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, where he lives with his wife and their youngest son.

Joseph J. Ellis

Books by Joseph J. Ellis

by Joseph J. Ellis - History, Nonfiction

While the 13 colonies came together in 1776 and agreed to secede from the British Empire, the British were dispatching the largest armada ever to cross the Atlantic to crush the rebellion in the cradle. The Continental Congress and the Continental Army were forced to make decisions on the run, improvising as history congealed around them. In REVOLUTIONARY SUMMER, Joseph J. Ellis meticulously examines the most influential figures in this propitious moment.

by Joseph J. Ellis - Historical

In this landmark work of history, the National Book Award—winning author of AMERICAN SPHINX explores how a group of greatly gifted but deeply flawed individuals–Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, Adams, and Madison–-confronted the overwhelming challenges before them to set the course for our nation.