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Jerome Charyn


Jerome Charyn

Jerome Charyn, a master of lyrical farce and literary ventriloquism, published his first novel in 1964. The author of JOHNNY ONE-EYE, THE SECRET LIFE OF EMILY DICKINSON, and dozens of other acclaimed novels and nonfiction works, he lives in New York and Paris.

Jerome Charyn

Books by Jerome Charyn

by Jerome Charyn - Espionage, Political Thriller, Thriller

Reflecting our own world like a volatile funhouse mirror, WINTER WARNING lures us back to the 1980s, an era that could have been ripped right out of our most recent political upheaval. Isaac Sidel should have been vice president, banished to some far corner of the West Wing, but the president-elect has been forced to resign or face indictment for his crooked land deals --- and Sidel becomes the accidental president. He’s a maverick, a crusader with a Glock in his belt, who defies both the Republicans and the Democrats.

by Jerome Charyn - Fiction, Short Stories

BITTER BRONX, Jerome Charyn's new collection, is suffused with the texture and nostalgia of a lost time and place, combining a keen eye for detail with the author's lived experience. These stories are informed by a childhood growing up near that middle-class mecca, the Grand Concourse; falling in love with three voluptuous librarians at a public library in the Lower Depths of the South Bronx; and eating at Mafia-owned restaurants along Arthur Avenue's restaurant row.

by Jerome Charyn - Fiction, Historical Fiction

This unforgettable portrait of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War effortlessly mixes humor with Shakespearean-like tragedy to create an achingly human portrait of the 16th president. Jerome Charyn conducts an orchestra of historical figures and fictional extras centered on a profoundly moral but troubled commander in chief whose relationship with his Ophelia-like wife and his sons is explored with penetrating psychological insight and the utmost compassion.