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Janie Chang


Janie Chang

Born in Taiwan, Janie Chang spent part of her childhood in the Philippines, Iran and Thailand. She holds a degree in computer science and is a graduate of the Writer's Studio Program at Simon Fraser University. THREE SOULS is her first novel.

Books by Janie Chang

by Janie Chang - Fiction, Historical Fiction

We have three souls, or so I'd been told. But only in death could I confirm this.... So begins the haunting and captivating tale, set in 1935 China, of the ghost of a young woman named Leiyin, who watches her own funeral from above and wonders why she is being denied entry to the afterlife. Beside her are three souls --- stern and scholarly yang; impulsive, romantic yin; and wise, shining hun --- who will guide her toward understanding. She must, they tell her, make amends.