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Author News & Interviews

Interview: Laurence Shames, author of Not Fade Away

Oct 3, 2003

October 3, 2003

Carol Fitzgerald, co-Founder of spoke with Laurence Shames, author of NOT FADE AWAY about how he came to write Peter Barton's story (a well-known thriller author introduced them), what he learned from Peter's life and death, and what readers are sharing with him after they read the book.

Interview: Glen Hirshberg, author of The Two Sams: Ghost Stories

Oct 3, 2003

October 3, 2003

In this special interview with Wiley Saichek acclaimed author Glen Hirshberg chats about his latest book, THE TWO SAMS, and shares his writing influences and path to publication.

Author Talk: Steve Berry, author of The Amber Room

Oct 1, 2003

October 2003

In this interview Steve Berry talks about his debut novel, THE AMBER ROOM. He explains the story of the original Amber Room, the details of its recent restoration and the research involved in writing the book, in addition to offering readers news about his next novel due to be published in September 2004.

Interview: Whitney Gaskell, author of Pushing 30

Sep 26, 2003

September 26, 2003

Whitney Gaskell, author of the debut novel PUSHING 30, talks with Co-Founder Carol Fitzgerald about the Chick Lit genre, turning 30, what's next for her and her new role --- being a mom.

Interview: Molly Moynahan, author of Stone Garden

Sep 19, 2003

September 19, 2003 reviewer Roberta O'Hara interviews Molly Moynahan, whose second novel STONE GARDEN centers on the sudden death of a teenage boy. Moynahan talks about her inspiration for STONE GARDEN, recalls the difficulties she experienced when she tried to have her first novel published, and speaks lovingly about the influence her father has had on her writing.