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H.W. Brands


H.W. Brands

Henry William Brands was born in Oregon, went to college in California, sold cutlery across the American West, and earned graduate degrees in mathematics and history in Oregon and Texas. He taught at Vanderbilt University and Texas A&M University before joining the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is the Dickson Allen Anderson Centennial Professor of History. He writes on American history and politics, with books including TRAITOR TO HIS CLASS, ANDREW JACKSON, THE AGE OF GOLD, THE FIRST AMERICAN and TR. Several of his books have been bestsellers; two, TRAITOR TO HIS CLASS and THE FIRST AMERICAN, were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize. He lectures frequently on historical and current events, and can be seen and heard on national and international television and radio programs. His writings have been translated into Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Ukrainian.

H.W. Brands

Books by H.W. Brands

by H.W. Brands - History, Nonfiction

REAGAN conveys with sweep and vigor how the confident force of Reagan’s personality. Offering new insights into Reagan’s remote management style and fractious West Wing staff, his deft handling of public sentiment to transform the tax code, and his deeply misunderstood relationship with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, on which nothing less than the fate of the world turned.

by H.W. Brands - Biography, History, Nonfiction

Ulysses Grant rose from obscurity to discover he had a genius for battle, and he propelled the Union to victory in the Civil War. After Abraham Lincoln's assassination and the disastrous brief presidency of Andrew Johnson, America turned to Grant again to unite the country, this time as president. In H. W. Brands' page-turning biography, Grant emerges as a heroic figure who was fearlessly on the side of right.