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Gill Hornby


Gill Hornby

Gill Hornby is a writer and journalist. She lives with her husband, Robert Harris, and their four children, in Kintbury, Berkshire (UK). The Hive is her first novel.

Gill Hornby

Books by Gill Hornby

by Gill Hornby - Fiction, Music, Relationships

The small town of Bridgeford is in crisis. Downtown is deserted, businesses are closing, and the idea of civic pride seems old-fashioned to residents rushing through the streets to get somewhere else. Bridgeford seems to have lost its heart. But there is one thing that just might unite the community --- music. The local choir, a group generally either ignored or mocked by most of Bridgeford's inhabitants, is preparing for an important contest. To win it, they need new members and a whole new sound. 

by Gill Hornby - Fiction

There's only room for one Queen Bee: A hilarious and touching novel about the social world of school mothers.