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Don Piper


Don Piper

A bestselling author and pastor, Don Piper is a sought-after speaker from Sweden to Australia and throughout the U.S. His personal story of death and life, as told in the book 90 Minutes in Heaven, has sold over 1.4 million copies, and is now available in 16 languages. 

Following a tragic car accident in 1989, in which Don was declared “dead on the scene,” he was miraculously revived twice and has been in recovery since that time. Already, thirty-four surgical procedures have taken place—and he walks only as a result of miraculous and in some cases medically unexplainable circumstances.

His testimony of his death experience, visit to heaven's gates, struggle to regain his health, and triumphant ministry has comforted and encouraged readers around the globe. Don brings healing to hurting hearts with his powerful message of finding “a new normal” following life-changing physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. His remarkable story simply must be experienced to be believed.

Don has an undergraduate broadcasting degree and a master of divinity degree. He served as a pastor for over twenty years and lives in Texas with his wife, Eva.

Don Piper

Books by Don Piper

by Eva L. Piper, Cecil Murphey, and Don Piper - Fiction

One day Eva Piper was an elementary school teacher, the mother of three, the beloved wife of a strong, protective husband. The next day she stood at the bedside of a broken man who could do nothing but moan in agony and turn his head away from her. Packed with hard-earned wisdom about what it means to be a caregiver, to open yourself to the care of others, and to rest in God’s provision, this book provides a dependable source of light to help you walk through the dark.