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Dee Oliver


Dee Oliver

Funeral Director, Author, Speaker, Mother, Widow, Inspiration

You won’t find Dee Oliver sitting still for very long. The daughter of a career Naval Officer and an irrepressible mother, Dee was on the go most of her early life until the family settled in Virginia Beach, Virginia when Dee started high school. Dee is a talented artist in several media and with a degree in Art Education, was prepared to share her gift in the classroom. All of that changed in 1987 when she married John P. Oliver, or Johnnie to everyone who knew him.

Johnnie’s family has been in the funeral business since the Civil War and he was the 4th generation of his family to lead the business. It was only natural then, that Dee would become part of the family business, too. For 25 years, Dee and Johnnie worked together, raised three beautiful daughters, and helped countless people through the toughest moments of anyone’s life. But in 2007, Johnnie passed away unexpectedly and Dee realized very quickly that her life would be taking a new direction.These days, you will find Dee involved in leadership positions with a number of community organizations. And, somehow, while being a single mom to her three girls, she also found time to complete her degree in Mortuary Science. Dee’s unparalleled experiences as a funeral director, mom, wife and widow provide a unique platform for her GOING OUT IN STYLE series.

Dee Oliver

Books by Dee Oliver

by Dee Oliver and Jodie Berndt - Christian, Christian Life, Memoir, Nonfiction

Deona Branch married into the funeral business when she wed Johnnie, a funeral director. After Johnnie died suddenly, Dee went back to school and earned her mortuary science degree so that she could carry on his work. Barred re-entry into the family business, Dee found herself fully credentialed, armed with nearly 30 years of funeral experience --- and utterly jobless. Thus it was that Dee accepted an internship at Riddick’s, a funeral home staffed entirely by, and for, black people. Part memoir, part how-to book, THE UNDERTAKER'S WIDOW might also be described as The Blind Side --- in reverse.