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Danielle Steel


Danielle Steel

DANIELLE STEEL has been hailed as one of the world's most popular authors, with over 600 million copies of her novels in print. Her many international bestsellers include POWER PLAY, WINNERS, FIRST SIGHT, UNTIL THE END OF TIME, THE SINS OF THE MOTHER, FRIENDS FOREVER, BETRAYAL, HOTEL VENDOMW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 44 CHARLES STREET, LEGACY, FAMILY TIES, BIG GIRL, and other highly acclaimed novels. She is also the author of HIS BRIGHT LIGHT, the story of her son Nick Traina's life and death; A GIFT OF HOPE, a memoir of her work with the homeless; and PURE JOY, about the dogs she and her family have loved.

Books by Danielle Steel

by Danielle Steel - Family, Fiction, Historical , Historical Fiction, Love , World War II Fiction

Best friends Alex von Hemmerle and Nicolas von Bingen are witnessing the rise of Nazism when Nick's father reveals the secret of his son's partial Jewish ancestry. Warned to flee, the only treasures Nick and his sons can take are two Lipizzaner horses, gifts from Alex. These majestic creatures become their ticket to America --- where a job has been promised to Nick with the famous Ringling Brothers Circus. While Alex and his daughter face escalating danger in war torn Europe, Nick struggles to adjust to life in the circus...until a graceful young high wire walker manages to steal his heart.

by Danielle Steel - Family, Family Life, Fiction, Women's Fiction

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel comes a heartwarming and inspirational novel about a mother and daughter who face challenges, cope with celebrity, and overcome tragedy while maintaining the outward appearance of A PERFECT LIFE. In this unforgettable tale, the incomparable Danielle Steel has written a novel that pulsates with emotion and honesty as three people face the truth about themselves. A PERFECT LIFE is about what we do when facades fall away and we can no longer run from the truth. As old ideas fail, everything changes, and life is suddenly brand new.

by Danielle Steel - Fiction, Suspense

In Northern California, two successful CEOs are both indispensable to their growing companies' futures. Both are brilliant at the power game, but one is a man and the other a woman. In POWER PLAY, Danielle Steel explores what that means as she takes readers into the rarefied world of those at the pinnacle of international business and reveals the irrevocable choices they make, what drives them, and how others perceive them.

by Danielle Steel - Fiction

When a horrific chairlift accident leaves 17-year-old competitive skier Lily Thomas paralyzed, she must come to grips with the fact that she not only will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life, but will never fulfill her lifelong dream of winning Olympic gold. But just as all hope seems lost, Lily meets Teddy, a young man even more badly injured than herself, but as doggedly determined to live an enriching life.

by Danielle Steel - Fiction, Romance

When two very different worlds and strong-willed people collide, everything changes in an instant, as they confront the age-old question of whether to lay oneself bare and risk intimacy --- or not. Are they brave enough to face what comes next? And will they do it together or apart? FIRST SIGHT is a tale of daring to take risks, and losing control just enough to have a life, when the opportunity presents itself.

by Danielle Steel - Fiction

Jenny and Bill’s happy life together is suddenly cut short when tragedy strikes. Thirty-eight years later, Bob, a hardened New York City publisher, will meet his match in Lillibet, a shy Amish girl who is a talented writer. Though these two couldn't be less alike, they immediately sense a deep connection that spans their differences. And there's the unshakable sense that they've known each other for a long time...possibly in another life.

by Danielle Steel - Memoir, Nonfiction

Since the devastating loss of her son, Danielle Steel has been dedicated to helping the homeless of San Francisco --- taking to the streets herself with a small team of friends to directly provide much needed resources. Here is the eye-opening story of her personal work over more than a decade with the most destitute members of our society, and how it has enriched her life beyond all of her material successes.

by Danielle Steel - Fiction

Everything Olivia Grayson touches in the business world turns to gold. Now, though, she reflects upon her life and wishes she'd invested in her family as much as she did in her business. Eager to atone for past sins, Olivia does her utmost to support each of her children as they struggle through mid-life crises. Together, the Grayson dynasty will confront conflicts past and present as Olivia takes them on a climactic family vacation.

by Danielle Steel - Contemporary, Family, Women's Fiction

Two girls and three boys, all with strikingly different, meet at the Atwood School as young children. Together, they become an inseparable group-known to outsiders as “The Big Five,” but when the group graduates and scatters to different colleges some friends are lost forever, and the ones that remain struggle to understand that even the unbreakable bonds are not proof against tragedy.                                                                                                                                                                                       

by Danielle Steel - Fiction, Romance

In Danielle Steel’s thrilling new novel, a renowned film director confronts an act of unimaginable treachery --- and the first devastating blow will not be the last.

by Danielle Steel - Fiction

Danielle Steel’s new novel invites readers into the ultra-glamorous world of a five-star New York hotel, and brings to vivid life the man who builds it as his dream, the girl who grows up in its loving embrace, and the colorful guests and staff who make its magic complete.

by Danielle Steel - Fiction

Danielle Steel follows a mother-daughter duo --- one a glamorous lifestyle arbiter, the other a shy, gifted chef --- both facing turning points in their dramatically different lives, each about to find love where she least expected it.