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Courtney Collins


Courtney Collins

THE BURIAL is the debut novel of Courtney Collins, published in Australia by Allen & Unwin in September 2012. Her second novel, THE WALKMAN MIX, is in progress.

In 2013  THE BURIAL was published in the UK by Allen & Unwin.  In France it was published as Sous La Terre by Buchet-Chastel, translated by Erika Abrams.

In 2014 it will be published in other countries including the United States (Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam) and Spain (Lumen).

Courtney grew up in the Hunter Valley in NSW. She now lives in an old postmaster’s cottage on the Goulburn River in regional Victoria.

Courtney’s primary agents are Benython Oldfield and Sharon Gallant at Zeitgeist Media Group.

Courtney Collins

Books by Courtney Collins

by Courtney Collins - Adventure, Fiction, Historical Fiction

It is 1921. In a mountain-locked valley, Jessie is on the run. Two men crash through the bushland, desperate to claim the reward on her head: one her lover, the other the law. But as it has always been for Jessie, it is death, not a man, who is her closest pursuer and companion. And while all odds are stacked against her, there is one who will never give up on her—her own child, who awaits her.