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Interview: Richard North Patterson, author of Balance of Power

Oct 17, 2003

October 17, 2003

Richard North Patterson likes to grapple with controversial topics, and his new novel, BALANCE OF POWER, is no exception --- this time, he takes on gun control. His timing couldn't be better; the book was published just as the suspects in the DC sniper shootings went on trial and as the Senate was moving toward a vote on a bill that would give gun manufacturers and dealers immunity from civil lawsuits. So as he talked with Jesse Kornbluth, he often left the book behind to deal with politics --- and the political agenda of the National Rifle Association.

Interview: Michael Moore, author of Dude, Where's My Country?

Oct 10, 2003

October 2003

Michael Moore's most recent documentary, "Bowling for Columbine," won an Academy Awared. His most recent book, STUPID WHITE MEN, was the biggest-selling hardcover non-fiction title of 2002. Jesse Kornbluth, of, interviewed him on the eve of the publication of his new book, DUDE, WHERE'S MY COUNTRY?

Interview: Sandra Brown, author of Hello, Darkness

Oct 10, 2003

October 10, 2003

New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown talks with Wiley Saichek and co-Founder Carol Fitzgerald about HELLO, DARKNESS. She explains how she develops her characters, talks about two authors she likes in the suspense/thriller genre and reveals the premise of her next novel scheduled to be released in the fall of 2004.

Interview: Micheline Maynard, author of The End of Detroit: How the Big Three Lost Their Grip on the American Car Market

Oct 3, 2003

October 3, 2003

Micheline Maynard covers the automobile and airline industries for The New York Times and is a lecturer on the global auto industry at the University of Michigan School of Business. Co-Founder Carol Fitzgerald and reviewer Fara Warner talk with Maynard about her latest book THE END OF DETROIT, which details the mistakes and miscalculations of Detroit's Big Three automobile companies. She discusses the lessons that her book offers to executives and managers in various industries and whether or not Detroit will be able to regain "their grip on the American car market."

Interview: Laurence Shames, author of Not Fade Away

Oct 3, 2003

October 3, 2003

Carol Fitzgerald, co-Founder of spoke with Laurence Shames, author of NOT FADE AWAY about how he came to write Peter Barton's story (a well-known thriller author introduced them), what he learned from Peter's life and death, and what readers are sharing with him after they read the book.