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Cara Hoffman


Cara Hoffman

Cara Hoffman is the author of the critically acclaimed novel SO MUCH PRETTY.

Hoffman grew up in upstate New York, part of Northern Appalachia. She dropped out of high school to work full time, took her savings, bought a one way ticket to London and spent the next three years travelling and working under the table jobs in Europe and the Middle East.

In the '90s, she returned to the United States, had a baby and found a job delivering newspapers which eventually led to full time work as a staff reporter. She covered New York State’s rural and Rust Belt communities for over a decade, reporting on environmental issues, politics and crime. Hoffman never received a high school diploma or undergraduate degree, but was admitted to Goddard College's Masters of Fine Arts program in 2007 based on portfolio and graduated in 2009.

Hoffman is the recipient of a number of awards, including a New York State Foundation for the Arts fellowship for her work on the aesthetics of violence. She has been a visiting writer at St. John's, Columbia and Oxford Universities.

She currently lives in Manhattan, teaches at Bronx Community College, and sings with the St. George Choral Society.

Cara Hoffman