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Brian Hart


Brian Hart

A native of Idaho, Brian Hart won the Keene Prize for Literature from the University of Texas at Austin, and received an M.F.A. from the Michener Center for Writers there. He is the author of the novel, THEN CAME THE EVENING. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and young daughter.

Brian Hart

Books by Brian Hart

by Brian Hart - Fiction

Set in a logging town on the lawless Pacific coast of Washington State at the turn of the twentieth century, a spellbinding novel of fate and redemption --- told with a muscular lyricism and filled with a cast of characters Shakespearean in scope --- in which the lives of an ill-fated family are at the mercy of violent social and historical forces that tear them apart

by Brian Hart - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Keen to make his fortune, Jacob Ellstrom, armed with his medical kit, lands in The Harbor, a raucous coastal town. But Jacob is not a doctor, and botched delivery drives him onto the streets and toward alcoholism. His wife Nell scrambles to keep herself and their young son, Duncan, safe. When a tentative reunion results in tragedy, Jacob flees. Years later, Duncan is another of the Harbor’s hoodlums. His only salvation is his love of Teresa Boyerton. Across town a union boss and criminal rabble-rouser, perpetuates a cycle of greed and violence, and his thug Tartan conceals an incendiary secret about Duncan’s mother.