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Beth Gutcheon


Beth Gutcheon

Bestselling author Beth Gutcheon published her first novel, THE NEW GIRLS, in 1979. Her second novel, STILL MISSING, was translated into 14 languages (if you count the pirate edition in Cantonese) and made into a major Twentieth Century Fox film called Without a Trace, starring Judd Hirsch and Kate Nelligan, for which Gutcheon wrote the screenplay.

Gutcheon's most recent novel, GOOD-BYE AND AMEN, is written in the form of an oral history, and even includes a fictional family photograph album. It shares a backdrop and some characters with her penultimate novel, LEEWAY COTTAGE, which was set in a fictional village on the Maine seacoast, as was her love story/hate story/ghost story, MORE THAN YOU KNOW. She is also the author of the novels DOMESTIC PLEASURES, SAYING GRACE and FIVE FORTUNES; all of her novels are currently in print and available from HarperCollins or HarperPerrenial.

Gutcheon lives in New York City with her husband and dog. When not reading or writing, she spends her time working for PEN, the international writer's organization that promotes literacy and defends freedom of expression in the United States and around the world.

Beth Gutcheon

Books by Beth Gutcheon

by Beth Gutcheon

GOSSIP is a tale of intimacy and betrayal, trust and fidelity, friendship, competition and motherhood that explores the myriad ways we use and abuse "information" about others --- be it true, false, or imagined --- to sustain, and occasionally destroy, one another.

by Beth Gutcheon - Fiction

In April 1940, as the Nazis march into Denmark, Sydney Brant, a wealthy girl of the Dundee summer colony, marries a gifted Danish pianist, Laurus Moss. They believe they are well matched, but Laurus's beloved family is in Copenhagen, hostage to the fortunes of Hitler's war. By the time the war is over, Laurus's family has played an active role in Denmark's grassroots rescue of the country's Jews.