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Amanda Filipacchi


Amanda Filipacchi

Described by The New York Times Book Review as a "lovely comic surrealist," Amanda Filipacchi is the author of three novels: Nude Men (Viking/Penguin 1993), Vapor (Carroll & Graf, 1999) and Love Creeps (St. Martin's Press, 2005). In addition to the U.S., her fiction has been published in Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Turkey, Slovakia, Hungary, and Portugal.  

Filipacchi's work has received widespread critical acclaim in the US and Europe - and established her as a highly respected "underground author" with an ardent following among readers in many countries. Her work has also been anthologized in The Best American Humor 1994 (Simon & Schuster) and Voices Of the Xiled (Doubleday).Filipacchi's first novel, Nude Men, was hailed by Louis Malle as "everything you don't expect it to be — hilarious, full of plot surprises, and completely original."  It was also published in paperback by Penguin.  It is currently under option to Tagline Pictures.

Her second novel, Vapor, was described by Time Magazine as "rewardingly escapist" and by Time Out New York as "wildly imaginative and intelligent."With the publication of Love Creeps, Amanda Filipacchi has delivered a third novel that once again offers a unique and unforgettable take on love and obsession.  The novel—one of The Village Voice's top 25 books of 2005—has been described by Bret Easton Ellis as "her funniest and most accomplished novel," and by Tama Janowitz as "hilarious and thought provoking."  Kirkus Reviews described it as a "penetrating work of psychological fiction," and Booklist called it "brilliant." Love Creeps has been optioned by Single Cell Pictures, the production company owned by Michael Stipe (of REM) and Sandy Stern. Single Cell produced "Being John Malkovich."

Following the successful Dutch-language publication of Love Creeps in late 2004, Amanda Filipacchi was invited to be the sole North American participant in the 2005 Saint Amour literary festival — a nationally publicized 10-city tour through Brussels, Antwerp and other Belgian cities that coincides with Valentine's Day and celebrates love in all its forms — from the pure to the perverse.Born in Paris, France, Amanda Filipacchi (pronounced Fili-pah-kee) was educated in both France and the US, and has lived in New York since the age of 17.  She earned a B.A. from Hamilton College and an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University.

Amanda Filipacchi

Books by Amanda Filipacchi

by Amanda Filipacchi - Chick Lit, Fiction, Humor, Mystery

Meet Barb, Lily, and Penelope. Barb is stunningly beautiful and hopes that by wearing a fat suit she can attract the true man of her dreams. Lily is stunningly talented and hopes to improve her appearance to attract the shallow man she loves. And Penelope is neither beautiful nor talented. In fact, the only way she convinces customers to buy her pottery is by telling them they've broke it. And to make matters worse, there may be a murderer among these three friends.