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Interview: Richard North Patterson, author of Exile

Jan 12, 2007

January 12, 2007

International bestselling author Richard North Patterson takes his political and legal thrillers one step further by focusing his latest novel, EXILE, on the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this interview, Patterson shares why he was inspired to write about this timely topic and discusses the extensive research he undertook in preparation for the book. He also describes some of his personal encounters with those experiencing these ordeals firsthand, and explains how his connections in Washington D.C. have aided him throughout the course of his career.

Interview: Lalita Tademy, author of Red River

Jan 5, 2007

January 5, 2007

Lalita Tademy, author of the critically acclaimed CANE RIVER, once again blends American history with stories of her ancestors in her latest book, RED RIVER.

Interview: Julia Navarro, author of The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud

Jan 5, 2007

January 5, 2007

Madrid-based journalist Julia Navarro's first attempt at writing fiction resulted in the international bestselling novel THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE HOLY SHROUD, which was recently translated from its original Spanish and released in the U.S.

Interview: Alan Campbell, author of Scar Night

Jan 5, 2007

January 5, 2007

Alan Campbell, a designer and programmer for the internationally bestselling video game Grand Theft Auto, has published his debut work of fiction, SCAR NIGHT. In this interview with's Stephen Hubbard, Campbell describes the varied career paths that led him to writing the novel and explains how other fantasy heavyweights such as George R. R. Martin and Mervyn Peake have influenced his work.

Interview: Jonathan Kellerman, author of Capital Crimes

Nov 22, 2006

November 22, 2006

Each with a slew of international bestsellers in their repertoires, husband and wife Jonathan and Faye Kellerman are two of the world's most popular suspense/thriller authors today. They recently combined their talents to write CAPITAL CRIMES, a pair of novellas in which their respective signature protagonists, Alex Delaware and Peter Decker, make an appearance. In this interview with's Carol Fitzgerald and Joe Hartlaub, the Kellermans reveal why they chose to collaborate at this stage in their careers and describe the methods they use to keep the writing process fruitful and harmonious. They also talk about the accomplishments of their son, author and playwright Jesse Kellerman, and share what future projects are in store for each of them.