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Aimee Thurlo


Aimee Thurlo

Aimée Thurlo is co-author of the Ella Clah series, the Lee Nez series of Navajo vampire mysteries, and the Sister Agatha novels. Her other works, co-written with her husband David, include PLANT THEM DEEP, a novel featuring Rose Destea, the mother of Ella Clah, and THE SPIRIT LINE a young adult novel.

Aimée, a native of Cuba, has lived in the US for many years. She lives in Corrales, New Mexico, and often makes appearances at area bookstores.

Aimee Thurlo

Books by Aimee Thurlo

by David Thurlo and Aimee Thurlo - Fiction, Mystery

Charlie Henry is the proud new owner of the Three Balls pawnshop, having recently returned Stateside from special-ops work in Iraq. The transition back to normal life seems to be going smoothly until his childhood friend, Gina, is shot. With the help of his Army buddy (and co-owner of the shop) Gordon Sweeney, Charlie finds that the shooting has to do with the previous owner of the pawnshop and his rather questionable morals.