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Author News & Interviews

Interview: Anne Ford, author of Laughing Allegra: The Inspiring Story of a Mother's Struggle and Triumph Raising a Daughter With Learning Disabilities

May 9, 2003

May 9, 2003

In this interview with Co-Founder Carol Fitzgerald, Anne Ford, co-author of LAUGHING ALLEGRA, discusses her motivation for writing this candid and moving memoir about raising a daughter with learning disabilities and shares her wisdom with those facing the same challenges.

Author Talk: M. J. Rose, author of Sheet Music

May 1, 2003

May 2003

For this special Author Talk feature, M.J. Rose, author of SHEET MUSIC and FLESH TONES, sat down and answered questions from her readers.

Interview: Jeffery Deaver, author of The Vanished Man

Apr 11, 2003

April 11, 2003

In this special interview two thriller authors, Jeffery Deaver (author of THE VANISHED MAN) and John Gilstrap (author of SCOTT FREE) discuss their different approaches to writing, their definitions of the mystery and suspense/thriller genres, competition with other authors, and more.

Interview: William Lashner, author of Fatal Flaw

Apr 11, 2003

April 11, 2003

In this special interview for's Suspense/Thriller Author Spotlight, bestselling author Lisa Scottoline, author of COURTING TROUBLE and the upcoming book DEAD RINGER (due in stores in 04/27/2004), talks to William Lashner about his new book FATAL FLAW (due in stores May 9th) setting books in Philadephia, femme fatales and the word love.

Author Talk: Nicholas Sparks, author of The Guardian

Apr 1, 2003

Question: Why did you combine a love story with a dark character in a thriller?

Nicholas Sparks: I wanted to create a character who added an element of danger to the novel, and Richard was the result. I did that because I wanted to write the type of novel that I hadn't written before, and because I think it's important for my readers that they don't read the same book over and over.

Q: How did you come to create such an obsessive, evil character?